Since the weather has been getting warmer, we've felt a new wave of siren energy flow over us, and what better way to celebrate that than writing a love note to our Morvoren muses…

We are forever grateful for all of your support and each order we receive, it truly means the world to us as a small start-up with big dreams.

It’s daunting entering a flooded market, but we know that this is just the start and hope to create the UK’s leading sustainable swim/surfwear label that won't compromise sultry styles for sustainable design and ethical production.

We’ve curated an exclusive collection of bikinis and surfwear made with the intent to embrace our sensual nature whilst giving back to the ocean – our biggest source of inspiration and forever home.

We understand the impacts that microplastics have upon our oceans and have ensured that all of our swimwear and packaging is plastic free and made from high quality regenerated textiles in an ethical all female factory, which you can read more about on our Sustainability Page. We pride ourselves in being as eco-conscious as we possibly can and have plans to explore many ways in which we can improve as a brand for our community.

These are all baby steps but nonetheless they are steps in the right direction, we are always researching ways in which we can improve, including our inclusivity, sizing and overall quality, because every woman of the water deserves swimwear she feels confident in.

Exciting things are on the horizon… watch this space.
January 24, 2023

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