Embracing the summer 2024 season in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, this May we found ourselves basking in Italys most sought after Sorrento and Amalfi coastline infamous for its secluded coves, rich culture and stunning beaches for some r+r after a cold winter on the Cornish coast. Join founder Savanna and her sister Caitlin as they unveil the hidden gems and highlights of their trip to the Sorrentine peninsula.

Where did you stay?

We consciously chose a quaint Airbnb in Vico Equense, a cute coastal town at the start of the Sorrentine Peninsula. Though it may not be as internationally renowned as Amalfi and Positano, it served as our perfect sanctuary for our stay offering authentic restaurants, beautiful beaches and Its central location was ideal for effortlessly exploring both coastlines.

What was your go to food or drink?

- It would be wrong to say anything other than an Aperol spritz but I also loved drinking watermelon Palomas, Franco’s in Positano Undoubtedly offers the best ones on the Amalfi coast for sure!

- I think I ate Caprese salads everyday haha, they're so simple and something I eat all the time at home but the mozzarella out there is in a league of its own.

Favourite bikini you wore:

S - My go-to was the Del Mar bikini set in Oceano. The vibrant blue hue complemented the colours of Capri beautifully also pearls in Positano just made sense with the strong mermaid symbolism thanks to the Amalfi coasts most sought after La Sireneuse hotel. For the two days I spent basking at Bikini beach club and a hidden cove in Sorrento, I paired the Del Mar top with Eros bottoms for minimal tan lines. Italy is famous for its 'La Dolce Vita' lifestyle, and I wanted my attire to reflect this. Much like the timeless beauty of Amalfi, the Del Mar is chic and timeless with romantic details that leave a lasting impression and my favourite bikini I've designed so far.

C- I spent my time switching between the Del Mar in Salt because it goes with everything and offers the support I need as I Have a larger bust and also my favourite Sirena surf suit in Marine, its sexy and stylish and I can just throw over a pair of linen trousers on top so that I’m always ready to go from beach to bar. For most of the trip you could catch me indulging an infinite supply of popcorn in Franco’s, Positano.

What to do whilst visiting?

S - I would recommend making a boat trip to Capri, start off by charting the convertible limousine style taxis as you ascend up the mountains then heading to Mount Solaro via chairlift to admire the breathtaking views of the island where everything fades into blue. Finish the day off with an aperitivo in Sorrento for sunset with the locals.

C- I loved exploring Positano and Capri and would also recommend going from Positano to Amalfi via the ferry, its so much more beautiful via the water. but even just indulging in the simple pleasures like having a little caffe Freddo overlooking the marina. I'm already dreaming of going back.

Best restaurants on the Amalfi/Sorrento coast?

For the best seafood, we loved Ristorante Da Gemma in Capri. The swordfish carpaccio was divine and For the best pizza (because when in Italy) it has to be Franco's in Vico. It's traditional, authentic and delicious, when we weren't returning for pizza we were always back for their proscuitto and an Aperitif.

What were your beach bag essentials for Italy?

S- I always come so prepared for the beach and overpack, but my absolute essentials were a quality pair of sunglasses, Alumier MD SPF, La Manso claw clip, AirPods, my Italia cap, and of course, my favourite Morvoren bikini.

C- Savanna always has everything I need so most of the time I hardly have to pack anything haha! But I always have a sarong, my disposable camera and polaroid as well as my Kerastase Elixir to detangle my curls after swimming. Can't forget some salty snacks too.

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